Mosquito Pest Control

What Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are actually part of the same family as the common house fly. Mosquitoes have a couple of sets of wings, one for flying and another set known as halteres that help them control themselves while flying. Although they have multiple wings, mosquitoes are very weak flyers. This is why if you sit on your front porch and want to avoid mosquito bites you can have a simple fan going. The wind from a fan is enough to prevent mosquitoes from approaching.

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites In The Future

  • Eliminate standing water on your property - This can help reduce mosquito populations around your property. Mosquitoes only need a tablespoon of water to breed and lay their eggs. If you have a pond, get an agitator to keep the water moving. Even a small current is enough to get mosquitoes to find somewhere else to lay eggs. If you have a fish pond, some species of fish eat mosquito larvae.
  • Prevent stagnant water from collecting in objects outside - Common spots for water to collect are flower pots, watering cans, weed buckets, wheelbarrows, birdbaths, and garbage cans. If you see water building up on these spots, remove the water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Check your gutters - Make sure that water is draining properly and all wet leaves are removed. This will prevent pools of water from building up where mosquitoes can breed.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed - Adult mosquitoes hide and rest in tall grass. Make sure they have fewer areas to hide in during the day and afternoon hours. Cutting away overgrown vegetation reduces those shaded areas for them to hide in. They will move elsewhere.
  • Use fans outside - This will help keep air circulating. Mosquitoes are such weak flyers that an overhead fan or installing fans on areas where you want to congregate during dusk and dawn hours is enough to keep them from flying to you.
  • Ensure windows have screens. If you have windows open, make sure they all have screens and also ensure the screens do not have holes in them. Mosquitoes are small and will use any opening to get inside.

Polite Pest Control Monthly Pricing

Polite Pest 1
up to 7,500 sq ft lot
$65 bi-monthly
Polite Pest 2
7,500-10,000 sq ft lot
$75 bi-monthly
Polite Pest 3
10,001-13,000 sq ft lot
$85 bi-monthly
Polite Pest 4
13,001 - 16,000 sq ft lot
$95 bi-monthly

For anything larger, call for pricing (480) 331-5040

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